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  • Hello!

    Since a big part of the updates is done I wanted to post my last ( probably ) set of suggestions that aim to make the server more Play to Win and not Bot 24/7.

    - Make spawn of Tomb ghost monster for title quest 95 level ( since there is no Qin Shi tomb )

    - Reduce Quest requirements ( for example instead of killing 300 monsters -> kill 100 monsters )

    - Increase stacks of Pet potions ( recovery kits and abnormal state )
    - Make elixirs stack

    - Slight increase in gold trade rates.
    - Increase gold drop from Uniques.

    - Remove level limit for Gate of Ruler Roc ( Currently players over 102 lvl can’t enter )
    - reduce Roc’s HP a lot ( impossible to kill )

    - Add Arena coin as reward from FGW daily quests ( alternative PvE way to get arena coins ). This way people will have the chance to buy SoX accessories or elixirs from the Arena-coins NPC by doing PvE activities alone. Also increase the gold reward from FGW Quests.

    - Add timers in website for Fortress War, Special trades, Arena, CTF, Roc,

    - Slight increase in FGW Talisman cards drop rate
    - Reduce the cool down timer of FGW from 5h to 3h

    - Remove Immortal and Astral stones from Item mall and make them as reward from killing unique ( for example : FGW, Holy Water Temple, Job Temple, Roc )

    - Reduce the price of selling dropped items to the NPC

    I know this is a lot of work and would take tremendous amount of time. Please reply if this suggestions suit the way you see the server's future Roman Neumann, and if it is possible to be implemented.

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    - Make elixirs stack

    I believe that is not possible on the server for some reason or another, and it would actually make botting MORE worthwhile cause the inventories wouldnt get full all the time haha!

    I wish they would be stackable though, the boxes "work" but you can't see how many you got left and you cant trade them which isn't ideal.

    The rest of your suggestions are top notch as always.


  • Hi all!

    Its possible to add the "auto focus on uniques" option to the settings?

    Maybe u can add the spawnpoints from Ivy & Cerb to the Map?

    This would be very helpful i guess.

    THX xD

    (maybe u can check some ppl --> they are still botting) im not a snitch but this is still a non-bot server!

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    Hallo AndaKawa

    Its possible to add the "auto focus on uniques" option to the settings?

    The autofocus feature is part of the game client and has always been implemented in the game. I have therefore enabled the autofocus button in the client and preserved the capture range. This works based on the distance to the nearest opponent and therefore cannot be selected specifically

    Maybe u can add the spawnpoints from Ivy & Cerb to the Map?

    The special monsters Ivy & Cerberus do not have a fixed spon, but appear randomly on the map instead of the dimension pillars, so an exact marking on the map is not possible..

    cu Roman