Server Suggestions

  • I think also the spawn rate and the density of monsters matters. For example the monsters in front of Hotan are really scattered and their respawn rate is not that high. I don' t remember seeing a lot of Dimension pillars there. But in DW cave I got surrounded by Dimension Pillars in no time. Also in Qin-Shi Tomb and Alexandria.

    Talking about the Dimension Pillars, I think that having an NPC selling the portals instead of trying to find pillars might be good or not, don' t know. What do you think ?

    And also with the current drop rate of Collection Book Cars you may go 1000 times on FGW and still have no chance of completing the quest for SuN weapon.

  • Mittlerweile ist der Patch ja schon mehr als 24 Stunden online.

    Folgendes ist mir in meinem Levelbereich aufgefallen:

    * Jade tablet droprate zu hoch

    * ruby tablet droprate zu hoch

    * magic tablet droprate ist in Ordnung

    * alchemy material droprate etwas zu niedrig

    Während bis vor dem Patch mein Pet durch die extrem vielen Eqipt-Drops verstopft ist sind es nun die Jade und ruby-Tablets.

    Es dauert keine 20 Minuten und ich könnte schon wieder zurück.

    Meine Frage daher - mit Blick auf einen folgenden Patch:

    Besteht die Möglichkeit das die Sammel-Pets über den Shop eine zweite Inventarseite bekommen?

    * Dimensions Pillar

    Mittlerweile hatte ich meinen Ersten bei den Ishades/Hashades - waren fünf L 55 Champs. Aber leider auch dort nur tablets gedropt - keine Schachtel zum öffnen eines Tores.

  • Hello Roman Neumann

    Probably you are busy at the moment and don' t have much time to spend on the server and this is ok but It gets really hard to play it.

    Can you bring back the regular (normal) drop so we can at least farm some alchemy tablets and increase the weekly silk in our accounts because it is not enough to buy PREM+ and Devil spirit.

    If you just give us these things I think the server will be good enough until you have some spare time to edit it.

  • Hello, i just have a question? Why cant we use bot. Is it that big of a problem :/

    No booting is required on the server. All EXP and SP come from the quest reward. Alchemy special and special scrolls can be bought from NGA dealers in DW and Hotan. Forgotten World Dungeon will drop Spirit Avart and other things.

    Bots make the server unstable and players disconnect more often than normal.

    If you need a short AFK time, you can use our AutoFight Keypresser program.

    I don't want quantity on the server, I want quality;)

    cu Roman

  • When these things are done botting will be unnecessary but until then I don't see the harm in using bot on 1 character to progress faster.
    Last night we were using uniques to level up : D
    I would also like to hear the opinion of the other players.

  • Hello this are my suggestions:

    Make exp rate higher for a bit like x20 and skill experience x35 ( so we don't need to farm )

    Add Seal of Sun gear to NPC ( 1 - 8D Sun, 9D Som and 10D Seal of star )

    Make a easier register page like other's server have haha ( so no forum account is needed, most of them don't understand how to make a char lol )

    Add Silk reward for killing uniques and for playing ( silk/hour )

    Quest rate can be higher... like x10 ( that's not really high... you can test it )

    Grab pet should have 5 pages

    Increase the Inventory expansion quest ( level 10, 30, 60 and 90 ) so we get more sloots from each quest we make ( so when you finish all of the quests we have a full 2nd inventory quest )

    If possible try to add jewel box event to Event So-ok for the nostalgia

    If I get more ideas, i'll let you know haha :)

  • GM is currently working on increasing battle EXP as well as EXP from all the quests. You can buy SP scrolls from special shop in Donwhang for gold.
    The registration page is intended to be this way so you can earn your weekly free silk and avoid abusing it and making hundred of accounts and characters.
    You can buy 1 whole page of inventory from item mall with silk.
    It would be nice to have sox gear in NPC for lower level but I don' t know if it is possible to be done.

  • Hello,

    I suggest to change the text on the new pet skill item so it would be easier for new players to understand what it does.
    An item that adds 5 pages skill to a grab pet for 24 days.
    An item that adds 5 pages skill to a grab pet for 3 days.

    Also I would suggest changing the prices of Special NPC to round numbers.
    For example:
    - 100 sp scroll from 1 011 gold to 1 000 gold.
    - 500 sp scroll from 5 761 gold to 5 000 gold.
    - 1 000 sp scroll from 12 932 gold to 10 000 gold.
    - 5 000 sp scroll from 71 703 gold to 50 000 gold.
    - 9 000 sp scroll from 141 755 gold to 90 000 gold.
    - Skill reset scroll from 171 608 gold to 150 000 gold.
    - Stat reset scroll from 185 713 gold to 150 000 gold.
    - Cheolhuyn's watch (3days) from 514 824 gold to 500 000 gold
    - Cheolhuyn's watch (24 days) from 4 457 112 gold to 4 500 000 gold.
    - Avatar dress from 3 984 895 gold to 4 000 000 gold.