A newbeginning

  • A new beginning with a change in the level of development :S

    Hi folks, after we had a little hardware crash on our server and I rebuilt

    I have decided to put the versions development state Alpha on Perpetual Beta :evil:

    As a further measure, the server will always be backed up before the patches and subjected to an inspection.

    As a result, the offline waiting times are longer but the security increase.

    I have to set the database to the backup of August 28 because the following files are corrupted.
    To play you need the new client, which already has all the changes and is therefore up to date,.
    the new game client is already available in the files download area.

    The Drop rate patch 2019-08-30 # 01 will come in the next week.

    Because these changes are made only to the server, a patents of the client is not necessary.

    Now I wish you a lot of fun with the new client and see you on the server ;)

    cu Roman

  • Hi Guys,

    I have decided to bring our community server online again.

    A root server is not yet available, but I plan to rent this hardware as soon as possible.

    CPU: AMD Ryzen Pro 1700x (8 x 3,4 GHz)
    RAM: 32 GB

    HDD: 120GB SSD
    The server contract term should initially be limited to one year.

    The annual cost is € 672. I am grateful for any financial support from the community. <3
    A VMware vSphere software is installed on the root server,

    with which I then only operate a virtual machine on which the SRO Server is running.

    VMware vSphere itself only needs 4 GB of RAM, 2 CPU Core and 20 GB of disk space 8)

    All other existing hardware resources are released for the Silkroad Server.

    CPU: 6 x Hardware Core at 3,4 GHz

    RAM: 24 GB + 4GB RAM-Cache-Disk

    HDD1: 40GB (VM-Disk) for Windows Server 2008 r2 operating system

    HDD2: 60GB (VM-Disk) for SRO Server Files and SQL Database

    The planned opening time is May 1st ;)

    All other other information, such as accounts reset etc. are still communicated separately. 8o

    cu Roman

  • hi Guys,

    Our beloved SRO Arena Community Server is online again. :love:

    With our server patch version dated August 31, 2019, we will continue where we left off.

    All accounts and players are in the state they were in when I turned off the server.

    Since we have a new root server and the old IP address is no longer valid, the game client must be downloaded again.

    The old AutoFight tool continues to work on the new client and does not have to be downloaded again by users.

    I wish you a lot of fun on the server and hope that I will soon find the time to make community changes to the server as soon as possible.

    Cu Roman