SROArena - a New beginning, DB & client Reset and Reloading

  • hi Guys,

    With a heavy heart I have now decided to completely redesign the server :-(

    Unfortunately, after a detailed search, I still can't find the error and the entire server is still working unstably.

    Therefore I start completely from the beginning with an empty original Silkroad 1.188 database and the appropriate client.

    The following things are done accordingly:

    • Because the old Windows 2008 server keeps running instabile.A new, separate root server in the Windows 2012 version is used as the basis (100% done)
    • Establishment of a test Realm (server) (0% done)
    • Matching game client version with the corresponding 1.188 database (100% done)
    • Change / adaptation of the connection interfaces of the homepage account management to the new server (100% done)
    • Adaptation of the client interface to the the SRO Arena layout (0% done)
    • Leveling EXP requirement Change from original values to those of SRO Arena / I am thinking about reducing the values even further than is already the case with SROArena / Start request to restart the project (0% done)
    • Adoption of all the changes / extensions already made by SROArena for the new game, this happens again in ongoing operation but with the corresponding previous restoration security (0% done)
    • everything else that may come :P

    I will try to bring the game to a live version as soon as possible so that you can play all changes directly again.

    But I will build a small difference to the previous version: There will be an additional public test Realm (server) where you will only test the upcoming changes before they are live on the main server.

    This project is an affair of the heart and will continue to be carried out by my, unfortunately we were thrown at the beginning. Nevertheless, I hope that with the technical innovations there is no need to restart the Projekt again.

    cu Roman