New Server ?

  • Hello!

    Yesterday (28/09) I saw Roman Neumann streaming on twitch configuring a new server but I couldn't watch the whole stream.

    Is there any information on a release date and what will be the server state (level cap, exp/sp rates etc.) ?

    I also see the download links are updated but there are no files yet :/

  • Hi,

    Here is the latest information about the new SROA servers and game status

    SRO-Arena CS v2021 = new Main Server (raw data)

    SRO-Arena PT v2021 = new PTR Server (CS future plans)

    SRO-Arena CS v2020 = last Server (Old / last known version)



    SRO-Arena CS v2021 Stat and Implementations: (RUN / Main Server)

    server state = Original SRO v1.88 Database

    account management = running on

    exp advancement requirement = SRO-Arena CS v2020

    map/regions = SRO-Arena CS v2020

    level cap = 110, SRO-Arena CS v2020

    mastery = 330/110, SRO-Arena CS v2020

    exp/sp rates = SRO-Arena CS v2020

    drops rates = SRO-Arena CS v2020

    drops items = SRO-Arena CS v2020

    ext. SACS NPC's = Not implemented

    item mail = not configured

    quest exp = SRO-Arena CS v2020

    quest rev. = SRO-Arena CS v2020

    quest req. = SRO-Arena CS v2020

    monster spawn = not configured, is taken over from SRO-Arena CS v2020

    SRO-Arena CS Client v2021 (RUN / Main Client)

    Version = Original SRO v1.88 and upper (Server) changes

    HDU/GUI = SRO-Arena CS v2020 (Green)

    estimated opening time for users: 03.10.2020



    SRO-Arena PT v2021 Stat and Implementations: (PTR Server)

    server state = offline / not implemented

    account management = running on

    SRO-Arena PT Client v2021 (PTR Client)

    version = not implemented

    estimated opening time for users: not determined


    further information follows

    cu Roman