Unable to launch game client

  • Last night, I was able to download, launch the game and run around Jangan for 10 minutes, then I closed the game. Today, I tried to launch game, logged in and got to character select screen and the game disappeared or crashed. I have not been able to launch the game since this happened, deleted files and redownloaded.

  • Sounds like you using windows 10 and it thinks its a virus so windows self delete some gamefiles. try to put a exception on a folder and packup files in there. go to windows startmeny and Search "Windows security" then go to "Safetly agains virus & threat" and then "Settings for Safetly agains virus & threat" go in there and scroll down to exception. Goodluck! and hope thats the problem ofcourse ^^

  • Hello !

    I am needing some support please !

    this is a new account I created because I cannot login to my account above L1l$ucc69 I have forgotten the password.

    I no longer have access to the email account that was used to create my forum ID and password, is there any way to send a link to reset my password to a different email address ?

    thank you !