SRO Arena CS - Reopening 2023

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    Hi Guys,

    today our good old SROArena SC server has opened its doors again. :S

    with our last update from May 2, 2020 in client ver 1.002 I start again because I just feel like relaxed leveling.

    The settings are not perfect, and since it is an old backup, the version probably also contains some bugs that I don't see at the moment.

    But since I'm opening the server in ersterlienie out of love for the game and doing this as always for a small circle of friends, I'll start slowly and not release all areas immediately.

    But as always you are all invited to participate 8o

    Since I'm paying for everything myself again, the server is a bit smaller in power this time than before, so I'll limit the maximum number of players to 42 people. also, not all areas will be unlocked from the start.

    the city of alexandria remains closed for the time being, but will be reopened later when there are enough players in the region or when i am ready to level there. :D

    Server settings are:

    Cap 110 / Degree 9

    European & Chinese fraction

    Mastery 330/220

    Server AreaInfo

    1 Jangan

    0 Qin-Shi Tomb (Jangan Cave)

    1 Downhang

    1 Hotan

    1 Thief Town

    1 Roc Mountain

    1 Constantinople

    1 Asia Minor (Captain Ivy)

    1 Central Asia (Samarkand)

    0 Desert of Alexandria

    0 Alex Down

    0 Holy Temple

    0 Alexandria Town

    0 Job Cave Alexandria

    0 Jangan FW

    0 Donwhang FW

    0 Hotan FW

    0 Constantiple FW

    0 Samarkand FW

    0 Bandit FW

    0 Arena Flag

    0 Arena Score

    0 Capture the Flag

    0 Arena GNGWC

    0 Forgotten World - Togui Village

    0 Forgotten World - Sipewreck (90-100)

    0 Forgotten World - Flame Mountain

    0 Forgotten World - Shipwreck (101-110)

    0 Jupiter Temple 120 mob

    i Remind you that the login routine for our game account has changed and now works a little differently, I made a new video about it.

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    Oh yeah, before I forget, again I have 2 clients with different graphical interfaces available for download, our SRO Arena CS mainUI and the retroUI client, so pick the one you like best.

    cu Roman