New things to the server to add if possible

  • Hey Roman i have a few questions if it would possible to do in the server :

    1. Activate Fortress war for example every 14 Day's on Sunday at 21:00 PM (( our timezone )) and the fortress time could be just 1 hour or max 1 hour 30 min.

    2. Adding Arena coins / Capture the flag coins to buy them for the items you can get from it this way you don't have to activate it and we can still get the items from it and you need at least a x amount of people to play it with the server pop i will not see that soon.

    3. make the cards for the forgotten world Collection book also buy able since it is deactivated.

    4. More avatar's

    5. Make elixirs stack able instead of using the cubes.

    6. the Guild mercenaries you can buy in the guild store i cannot use as guild master.

    Also again thank you for the server it is really chill if we can login (( ;) sometimes C7 errors )) just hope one day we get more people to play it.