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    Hi Guys,

    The server received a major patch today

    The following have been changed

    Potion of Growth parameters update

    Experience points increased from 100% to 500%

    Buff time extended from 30 minutes to 60 minutes

    The drop rate over degree 6 was set at a fixed

    percentage of 6% to 8%

    cu Roman

    The account managing in the old website is much more convenient and easier in my opinion. Other than that, the website looks nice.

    is actually just like the old one only that it is now without animation and I have added +18 Silk gift per week / account for people who are active in the forum

    Hi Guys,

    I am proud to present our new homepage to you. The new design of our website is now more clearly structured and offers all interested users extensive information.


    the new official domain is now This time everything is in one place, the community can now user it.

    To be on the safe side, the old side is still usable.

    Of course, I look forward to your feedback and I am just as grateful for suggestions and comments as for praise or criticism.

    I hope you enjoy our new homepage!

    cu Roman

    Thank you very much, unfortunately I have to reprogram my complete user management system because this website has a new structure. :/

    Hi SithoZ

    Thanks for the video, it's great again :love:

    Unfortunately, the website link is no longer correct and must be changed
    The official site is now ""

    cu Roman

    Patch 2020-05-25#02

    Hi Guys,

    The server received customization and avatar patches today

    1.Removing Elements stones from the NGA Dealer
    2.Added Fairy and Turkey Dress to NGA Dealer

    3.Prices Adjustment of tablet Shop, Vapari & Dilara

    More extensions and changes will follow soon (hopefully) 8o

    cu Roman

    Hi Guys,

    The server received a major patch today 8o

    The following have been changed

    • Degree 10/11 weapons added, Alexandria city NPC
    • Degree 10/11 equipment added, Alexandria city NPC
    • Degree 10/11 accessories added, Alexandria city NPC
    • New Jade tablet dealer added, Dilara (Hotan city)
    • Jade D6-D11 tablet added to Dilara Store
    • New Ruby tablet dealer added, Vapari (Hotan city)
    • Ruby D6-D11 tablet added to Dilara Store
    • Saphir tablet added to Dilara & Vapari Store
    • Mr. Momonga, NGA trader added, (Donwhang city)
    • Dimension Hole added to Mr. Momonga Store
    • Removed Dimension Hole Drops from Envy enemy
    • Added 100 Skill point scroll Drop, Envy enemy
    • Added 500 Skill point scroll Drop, Envy enemy
    • Added 1000 Skill point scroll Drop, Envy enemy
    • Added 5000 Skill point scroll Drop, Envy enemy
    • Added 9000 Skill point scroll Drop, Envy enemy
    • Added 100 Silks scroll Drop, Envy enemy
    • new Client Data.pk2 added for future extensions
    • Particles.pk2 adapted to the GUI versions of
      the SRO-Arena CS Clients (mainGUI / retroGUI)
    • new creation of the SRO Arena CS Client Archive
    • Client download sources changed (Community wish)

    More extensions and changes will follow soon (hopefully) 8o

    cu Roman

    hi Guys

    Today, May 23, 2020, between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., I will turn off the server to check it and add game extensions.

    The game client also needs to be updated. All AutoFight users should start the game without the loader.

    Exact update information is then available in Patch 2020-05-23 # 01 Notes

    Hi folks, the update was a little bigger than expected..=O

    The server is back online now, but you need a new client because too many

    changes has to be made

    Exact update information is then available in Patch 2020-05-25 # 01 Notes

    cu Roman

    Hi All

    so just to make it clear

    I don't want the bots to be used. The discussion was just about why people want to bot. I have written my opinion on all reasons.

    Sisbrow was the only one who thought about it and worked with me on a solution that seemed acceptable to everyone.

    Saying that people have no time, is not a reason for me to allow botting.

    I am now sending a warning to anyone who thinks that I need a large number of players to run the server. The old players know that I also kept all of my servers running without a single player.
    this is my hobby and i'm investing my money and my time in the server after all

    In the end, I decide what happens to the server. If someone doesn't like that, please keep playing somewhere else, however your ideas are welcome!

    I would like to state my ideas for the game, so that we can talk about it productively, and work towards it together:

    I will now do the following things in the near future:

    • Adjust Forgotten World quests so that people will get decent exp/skill exp, so that players can level up with them.
    • The forgotten world talisman droprate will be looked into
    • The dimension pillars will not be dropped by monsters, but rather be sold by the NGA dealer.
    • The experience gained by monsters is reduced
    • Jangan cave is going to be turned off (Sisbrow: I suspect because of the high number of mobs that are in the cave, this way the mob spawn in the rest of the world can be higher.)
    • I will implement the idea of Sisbrow accordingly so that each 1x per account can give a character a scroll that brings him to level 109 with 99% exp (Sisbrow: 110 is not possible, the server needs 1 levelup to fix the stats and stuff)
    • People who complete a certain number of certain quests will receive additional items (Sisbrow: this is to give the people that DO like to grind some extra items/rewards/a reason to do it, instead of punishing them for not doing FGW runs for example)
    • Other options remain open for future gameplay.... (for this suggestions are welcome!)

    I still accept further useful ideas, but it would be awesome if they can be within these boundaries and towards this idea (play2win basically)

    Now everyone who thinks they can do all this with the bot in the future!

    I will take the time to finish programming my own server proxy. anyone who gets caught with bot afterwards loses all their ingame accounts including all their chars.This happens automatically without warning or the like through my system.

    this is how i made my decision

    I thank all friends of the server for everything

    cu Roman

    I agree, the days of me playing sro 24/7 are over. With a fulltime job, girlfriend, household, ...

    representative of all comments made so far, I answer yours because you summarized what others wrote.....

    there are always recurring points that are addressed here why i'm should allow BottingI write a small note for each of these points....most important point first.

    • I agree. I have nothing against boting.. if someone wants to why not let them...I
    • am totally okay with boting. Even more, in order to reach end game content boting is a must.
    • Botting is a part of the game if people chose not to then that’s their choice.

    Since when has cheating been a major part of the game in all games?

    It is also forbidden to go into the street at red lights...when people do this, it's their choice.

    • Most of the people i play with have jobs/Family life and we mainly play a few hours in the evening...
    • With a fulltime job, girlfriend, household, other hobby’s .... I don’t have much time.

    Does that mean that everyone who wants to play legal doesn't have a full-time job, a girlfriend, a household or other hobbies? not me either?

    • It scares away a lot of other potential players who have the same problems as mentioned in 1. !
    • I also think that if bot is allowed it would even bring more people to the server.
    • .. and i also think that if bot was allowed more players will come to the server.

    I can understand these points, but I ask myself why on other servers like Origin.Online can play enough players without a bot?

    • there is not much going on in the server ( player wise) so who do you harm with botting then???? ( nobody in my opinion).

    my statement is, in my opinion no one will also be hurt if you don't use the bot ?

    To make leveling easier, I created the AutoFight Program, which is almost a complete Bot
    This can also be used and has an AFK mode through AutoSelect.
    I think that the only problem here with AutoFight is that you can not do anything else for hours while the bot is leveling your characte. It is not an AFK bot program

    • With bot you even need to Quest/grind a long time to go max lvl also you have not a big advantage when you do it if you compare it to people who can grind more hours because when you put a bot in a spot it stays there for a longer time and you will lvl slower then the manny hours some people can hand grind.

    I think the gameplay should be adjusted so that people who have little time do not lag behind when leveling. everyone would benefit from such a discussion, instead of talking about botting permission.

    @SithoZ, @Mdarude

    you have been with us for a long time and know that I have not yet banned bot users as long as they behave appropriately and do not exaggerate the booting.


    I am mainly against the booting because they modify the network packets and thus make the server unstable. because our server developments are also determined by the community.

    I am ready to start a vote that decides this democratically. but here i want to know all opinions and not just the booting fraction.

    If the community decides to approve an official Booting permit, I don't want to hear complaints about server lags or the like.

    cu Roman

    Hi Jupke,

    you cannot log into the game using the forum account, you need a Game account.
    Did you create a Game ID on the account management page?

    If you have a player account and the password still does not work then reset it and try without special characters but only with letters and numbers.

    Some special characters are not accepted by Game (Silkroad) Login Server
    This does not affect your forum account, these are two separate systems.

    You can find a complete tutorial video here:

    cu Roman

    Hi dkarayalcin, @all

    I am already creating a corresponding contribution for the ePvP forum.
    Unfortunately I don't speak Turkish, I already have with English my difficulties, ;(
    but if anyone wants to make the announcement on the other forums, they have my permission ;)

    I think if we stick together as a community this time, we can do something great outside. therefore I thank everyone who plays on our server and wants to bring the common old spirit back to life <3

    So let's get started :evil:

    cu Roman

    Hi Guys,

    Today, the server has received the first patches from the community change requests

    The following have been changed

    1.Added Cheolhyuns watch --> buff item for pickpets (gives them more pages) (3 or 24 days runtime)

    2.Added Devil & Angel Wings Dress to NGA Dealer

    3.Added Elements to NGA Dealer

    4.Cleaned up of item Shopping mall

    5.Add division Server Host to Client

    6.Price adjustments on NGA Dealer

    cu Roman

    hi Guys

    This morning, on May 2nd, 2020, between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m., I will turn off the server to check it and add game extensions.

    The game client also needs to be updated. All AutoFight users please start the game without the loader.

    Exact update information will then be available in Patch 2020-05-02#01 Notes

    cu Roman

    Hi Mdarude

    I am glad that you are returning to our server too :S

    Since the database is not from our R8 gap 80 server but the old SRO.Arena content, I have to take over all the things we already know from R8 here. So all NPC content will be revised again ;)

    cu Roman

    hi Guys

    these are the planned changes and expansions for the coming month (May/June 2020)

    • In-game accounts increased from 4 to 5 game IDs
    • Experience increased by 50% for single players and 75% for the group
    • Zerk/Hwan Gain increased by 42%
    • Creation of a new scroll/item large Potion of Growth (+ 500% Pet Exp)
    • Creation of a new scroll/item Growth Pet skills Cold, Fire, Lightning
    • Creation of a new scroll/item to expand the Ability Pet inventory to 5 pages
    • Cleaning up of item Shopping mall
    • Put alchemy and avatar items in the NGA vendor
    • Starts revising quests and drops from the Forgotten World

    The exact patch times will be announced individually
    cu Roman

    For how long the sever will be open again ?

    So at least 1 year, as long as I have rented it, but I intend to continue.
    Therefore I will rent new root with new hardware every year, so that we are always up to date.
    I will shut down and pause the server for a maximum of one week due to the move.
    Usually I can do it in parallel without a break, but to make sure everything works, I'll do it this way.

    cu Roman