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    Hi guys,

    unfortunately the game server has broken, I restore the backup from tonight.

    I suspect this will take about an hour.

    After that the server should be available again, but unfortunately all your game characters are on the status from tonight

    cu Roman

    Hi Yuri,

    did you set the SRO.Arena CS Game Portal password correctly in your forum profile?

    Did you do everything as in the video ?

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    Otherwise try the password without special characters and maximum 14 characters long,

    cu Roman

    Hi Guys,

    today our good old SROArena SC server has opened its doors again. :S

    with our last update from May 2, 2020 in client ver 1.002 I start again because I just feel like relaxed leveling.

    The settings are not perfect, and since it is an old backup, the version probably also contains some bugs that I don't see at the moment.

    But since I'm opening the server in ersterlienie out of love for the game and doing this as always for a small circle of friends, I'll start slowly and not release all areas immediately.

    But as always you are all invited to participate 8o

    Since I'm paying for everything myself again, the server is a bit smaller in power this time than before, so I'll limit the maximum number of players to 42 people. also, not all areas will be unlocked from the start.

    the city of alexandria remains closed for the time being, but will be reopened later when there are enough players in the region or when i am ready to level there. :D

    Server settings are:

    Cap 110 / Degree 9

    European & Chinese fraction

    Mastery 330/220

    Server AreaInfo

    1 Jangan

    0 Qin-Shi Tomb (Jangan Cave)

    1 Downhang

    1 Hotan

    1 Thief Town

    1 Roc Mountain

    1 Constantinople

    1 Asia Minor (Captain Ivy)

    1 Central Asia (Samarkand)

    0 Desert of Alexandria

    0 Alex Down

    0 Holy Temple

    0 Alexandria Town

    0 Job Cave Alexandria

    0 Jangan FW

    0 Donwhang FW

    0 Hotan FW

    0 Constantiple FW

    0 Samarkand FW

    0 Bandit FW

    0 Arena Flag

    0 Arena Score

    0 Capture the Flag

    0 Arena GNGWC

    0 Forgotten World - Togui Village

    0 Forgotten World - Sipewreck (90-100)

    0 Forgotten World - Flame Mountain

    0 Forgotten World - Shipwreck (101-110)

    0 Jupiter Temple 120 mob

    i Remind you that the login routine for our game account has changed and now works a little differently, I made a new video about it.

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    Oh yeah, before I forget, again I have 2 clients with different graphical interfaces available for download, our SRO Arena CS mainUI and the retroUI client, so pick the one you like best.

    cu Roman


    I have copied the files to the directory where the client is also located.

    AutoFight for SRO.Arena CS file is now available for download from Google Drive, MEGA, MediaFire and Dropbox

    cu Roman

    Hi SithoZ,

    I did this so that players can access NPCs directly without having to move around much. Also, automatic bot 24/7 botting is no longer possible in games (for players, the using a MBot/SBot), a normal games are not affected and thus have no disadvantage, the bot user just stops in town because he can't find the NPC anymore. I don't currently control players if they use a bot but if they do, I want to make it harder for them so they don't use a automatic 24/7 bot [MBot/SBot or other] ,these are forbidden anyway.

    Of course, the Bot-player can still shop and visit NPCs normally but this is the same when players use our SRO AutoFight tool and this is not forbidden.

    24/7 [AFK] Botting is forbidden, everything else is legitimate and should not be discussed here anymore, people should just make their rounds after work and have their own pace and fun while playing.

    cu Roman

    Hallo AndaKawa

    Its possible to add the "auto focus on uniques" option to the settings?

    The autofocus feature is part of the game client and has always been implemented in the game. I have therefore enabled the autofocus button in the client and preserved the capture range. This works based on the distance to the nearest opponent and therefore cannot be selected specifically

    Maybe u can add the spawnpoints from Ivy & Cerb to the Map?

    The special monsters Ivy & Cerberus do not have a fixed spon, but appear randomly on the map instead of the dimension pillars, so an exact marking on the map is not possible..

    cu Roman

    cant download the loader from google drive cuz of virus alert oO

    ah i got it xD

    The SroAF.exe file was programmed by yourself using the Auto-It Scripting program and it is 100% virus free

    the loader I have patched and that should also have no virus...

    Do not forget that the programs behave virus similarly and access PC memory and keyboard to manipulate you

    You do not have to use them if you are not sure...…9da54d8c7af7434?nocache=1…f1ac24a68bce522?nocache=1

    cu Roman

    Quote from Mdarude

    1. is it possible to get 100% runspeed pots or is there a reason they are not in the game.

    # Yes there is a reason why no 100% speed items are available

    Quote from Mdarude

    2. Could you fix fortress i cannot Register and also not use the Portal to teleport inside .

    # I haven't had time to look at why it doesn't work yet

    Quote from Mdarude

    3. Higher the drop rate for Elixers or put them in the NGA shop also to buy.

    # also here as soon as I have time I will take care of the problem

    Quote from Mdarude

    4. Honor buffs not working ?

    # was not known to me until just now, question is, do we need them at all?

    Quote from Mdarude

    5. Add Quests for higher level that will give you some Special things like Silks scrolls items these quests you can do daily/weekly.

    # It is generally planned to work on the quests in the upper level area. As soon as "Mobhaubitze" has reached the appropriate level we will take care of it.

    Quote from Mdarude

    6. Adding Degree 9 to the mobs and NPC to buy

    # Currently not in planning but earmarked for future extensions

    Quote from Mdarude

    All people i speak love the server and are happy with the people they play with now and it's a great and good group of people that help each other. Keep on going !!!

    # Thanks to all and yes, I plan to keep working on the servers so that everyone has fun doing it. At the moment Jörgen (Mobhaubitze) and I have a lot of work in the company where we are employed, so time is a precious commodity at the moment. Before the end of the year we unfortunately do not see any improvement at the moment but as soon as we have two more time we will work again on the server.

    cu Roman

    Hello people,

    I wanted to let you know that I will not be streaming our SRO.Arena Server or Silkroad in general on Twitch at the moment.

    The Turkish company GameGami Bilişim A.Ş has blocked my Twitch account because of alleged copyright infringement.

    You own the rights for Turkish & Arab (Middle East) games market and not for Western Europe but that doesn't seem to bother them.

    About 3 weeks ago, a viewer came up to me on Twitch and asked if I had permission from GameGami to stream our server. Otherwise my account will be locked.

    I told ih that it is a private hobby project and that I earn no money with it.

    It seems that our 20 people server is a real danger for the Turkish company, otherwise you could have written to me.

    My account is back online, but I have a warning, so I'm in the process of writing an Counter-Notification to Twitch.TV to get cleen my account , but it's not that easy. It seems easier to ban people than to write a rebuttal, which has to be in a certain format.

    cu Roman

    Hi Sisbrow,

    I don't know which NGA dealer he bought from, but since he didn't get a silk scroll, that's absolutely right. he NGA dealer does not sell silk scrolls. He sells skill scrolls :)

    The only way to get a silk scroll at the moment is to hunt Capitan Ivy or Cerberus.

    Look on the homepage under Ranking at the "last 10 event item users" table, then you can see which players have used a Silk Scroll.

    cu Roman