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    Hello guys, I saw Roman streaming 2 days ago. He shared a new link but I couldn't save it. Is it new server? If so can you share link please?


    There is still an issue with DC. I personally experience it when fighting monsters. Also when buying and selling trade goods.
    If anyone is still experiencing DC issues, please report them here. Also try to describe in a few word what were you doing when you got the DC.

    I'm also still having same issue. Tried to kill mobs without any pets but still got DC. I was doing FGW. But still can't understand what causes.

    The issue is not only in FGW. A lot of characters get DC after killing ~10 monsters. Roman still can't figure out what causes this problem.

    So far my observations point at the issue being grab pets picking up gold and items. If I do not pick anything I do not get DC.

    Try this: Put your current grab pet in the storage, buy a new one ( white rabbit ) and do NOT use a 5-page scroll on it.

    Alright mate I will try this. Thanks.

    Hello guys, last 2 days whenever I enter FGW dungeon I'm disconnecting randomly. I can't even pass first camp. Is something changed on FGW? Does anyone have same issue?

    Hello, when I try to log-in it says "Cannot connect to the server because access to the current IP has exceeded limit." but I dont have any other pc right now. What's the problem?

    I totally agree. I still don't have enough time for leveling during quarantine days because of online lessons and exams.

    When I log-in, I only get %10-15 exp and complete %20-25 of quest. I'm pretty sure I can't reach end game without bot.

    Community wishes are my command 8o

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    cu Roman

    Thank you so much Roman :thumbup: