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    Ah, that's why I couldn't connect to the server this morning. Did you find anything? Is the pc-limit 5 now? (No idea how difficult that is to change, haha)

    Hi all,

    I noticed we all get 5 in-game accounts per forum account. This made me wonder if I could make a chinese party with all 5 chinese builds. However, it seems that I can only login 4 of them at a time. I wonder if it would be possible to make the pc limit 5. I will not be AFK botting obviously, but it would be a nice setup to try and make work that I have never (in all my years of playing Silkroad) tried. I personally do not see any negative things coming out of this request, unless the server will eventually get crowded.


    Please set the pc limit to 5 (IP can still be 8).



    Update ?-9-21

    Unique uniques spawn RANDOMLY at the player's location when enough mobs are killed in a certain location. These uniques drop skill point scrolls (confirmed) give decent exp (confirmed) and possibly drop silk scrolls (unconfirmed) AND TAKE A WHILE TO KILL (confirmed with Crossbow Extreme sun +7 xbow and 3 level higher rogue..)

    Update 27-9-21

    Alchemy material no longer drops (which should reduce the "necessity" to use a bot for the pet-filter function). Alchemy tablets and the required items to make them into stones can be found in the special NPC seller in Donwhang.

    Update 26-9-21

    Titans have been removed from the server

    Server rules:

    AFK botting (allday/allnight) IS NOT ALLOWED.

    Autofight is enabled, and botting while behind the pc (or AFK for short amounts, toilet time, lunch, cooking) is allowed with 1 char per player.

    - Make elixirs stack

    I believe that is not possible on the server for some reason or another, and it would actually make botting MORE worthwhile cause the inventories wouldnt get full all the time haha!

    I wish they would be stackable though, the boxes "work" but you can't see how many you got left and you cant trade them which isn't ideal.

    The rest of your suggestions are top notch as always.


    The reason botting won't be allowed in the future will be because AFK botters don't contribute positively to the server. However, in the (finished) game setup botting isn't needed either. Quests/levels will be there for people who want to do them, other players can be instantly max level to enjoy endgame stuff. Stones/elixirs will be buyable or drops in FGW or rewards or something. So you won't need bot to grind for gold/items/alchemy either. The game Roman is trying to make is NOT reliant on bots/grinding to get a strong char, but rather has the OPTION to grind/do quests if you like that stuff, and has more endgame Play2Win stuff for the other players.

    Therefore, in my opinion, the point isn't why we should be allowed to bot, but WHEN it shouldn't be allowed. I would argue that we should be allowed to bot until the server is at such a point where we don't need to bot. Right now, if we don't bot we can't get max cap ever.. but after he fixes the quests, updates the droprates/events we don't need to bot

    My solution:

    - Scroll to get 110 and 5m sp (max 1 per account (so 5 chars 110 per player)). Since you get stat/skill reset scrolls for gold so.

    - Quests with decent exp/sp rewards: great for people who like grinding.

    Items sox items (last degree) via FGW/Events/Joining FW.

    Items normal +5/full blue should be decently easily gettable for every player (also casuals) so that the difference between people who play a lot and people who don't have the time or don't want to won't be too great. (looking at you SithoZ, with your overpowered blader in 90 cap <3)

    For the players that like questing, it would be nice to also get some rewards (that you can get from FGW/events) at certain level ups (like 70/80/90/100/110) as compensation/reward for playing a lot.

    Otherwise they won't be incentivized to grind, whereas people should be rewarded for actively playing and contributing to the server!


    Update from Roman:

    After the skillsupdate, no updates have been made. Roman will first fix the quests (in the near future) and will then re-open the server with the level cap according to the maximum quests. For that he will delete all the characters, but after that the characters will NOT be deleted.

    Cheers, Sis