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    Hallo Roman i have got some general questions from some people including myself.

    1. is it possible to get 100% runspeed pots or is there a reason they are not in the game.

    2. Could you fix fortress i cannot Register and also not use the Portal to teleport inside .

    3. Higher the drop rate for Elixers or put them in the NGA shop also to buy.

    4. Honor buffs not working ?

    5. Add Quests for higher level that will give you some Special things like Silks scrolls items these quests you can do daily/weekly.

    6. Adding Degree 9 to the mobs and NPC to buy

    All people i speak love the server and are happy with the people they play with now and it's a great and good group of people that help each other. Keep on going !!!

    Kind Regards Mdarude / Airis

    Well what is your problem towards bots?

    Do they steal your kills ? you dont have space to do your Quests? you to Bumb to use one?
    You have alot of spare time to play? i really dont get the problem for botting in my eyes you scard of something. i'm already i think 2 years atleast in the server ( Yes i left a few times ) since time and server changes and server downtime.. still all these years i did use a bot NO OTHER player did cry abouth that this mutch and now out of nowhere people start crying.. so please what is your real problem with this... instead of being a "good civilian" who is folowing all rules of life and never walks down and follows all the rules there are in life... dont like the lvling part of the game i like the Alchamy and PVP the most and ofcourse to play together with my guild members we are 7 in total and soon probobly with 10 unless yeah we get banned since we are a decend group together . who play a game together probly mostly in the weekends since during the week none has time for it...

    So if you dont understand we can have a talk over Discord or teamspeak and i will say it to you in person.. so for now pls stop crying abouth it. this should be a fun server up to the point YOU started to cry abouth it again past 2 year NOBODY did that.

    Why? simpel i few points.
    1. Most of the people i play with have jobs/Family life and we mainly play a few hours in the evening when we play together we want to do fun stuff together not grind to go lvl up and find items.

    2. ISRO was also botting so you cannot stop it enny way.

    3. It scares away a lot of other potential players who have the same problems as mentioned in 1. !

    4. With bot you even need to Quest/grind a long time to go max lvl also you have not a big advantage when you do it if you compare it to people who can grind more hours because when you put a bot in a spot it stays there for a longer time and you will lvl slower then the manny hours some people can hand grind.

    5. Botting is a part of the game and you are not able to ban all the people that bot i think the Dev can focus more on developing the game then looking for botters.

    6. there is not much going on in the server ( player wise) so who do you harm with botting then???? ( nobody in my opinion).

    i could go on with more point still this are some of them feel free to give comment still i think most of us would like to keep botting just because we don't play sro 24/7 or even each day.

    we also play other games we like.

    My example i play a long time on this server already. and i also play GTA 5 Roleplay ( also takes a lot of time) and i am a DEV in a total new Zombie survival game. and i don't want to just handgrind SRO i also want to have fun with my guild members and other people i know on this server for a longer time… therefore i bot and even that is not 24/7 when i go to sleep i mostly turn of my pc…

    Thank you for reading and have fun in the server

    Kind Regards an old Guild from this server WildKingdom:

    Verry Friendly Guild here is a small movie of us on a other server ;)

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