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    Kurz auf Deutsch:

    Halunke ist schon weg, weil botter zugenommen haben

    Meine Frau will auch nimmer ändert sich nix,

    ein Follower von mir ist gestern gekommen insta wieder weg, als er die botter sah

    und ich bin auch kurz davor

    Momentan lebt der Server wieder, dank den Botter, aber das ist denke ich nicht in deinem Sinne, also bitte was dagegen machen, ich wäre gnadenlos und würde insta ALLE bannen permanent

    Roman, SithoZ is right...

    but, botting is NOT ALLOWED!!!

    So Ban that player, the Rule is, NO BOT

    So accept this rule and wait that Roman will fix the quests and more for lvling, i play fair too -.-

    Botting chars i saw NOW:

    Guild: all from WildKingdom


    - Ishanta

    - _Arwen_

    - Ilona

    - CptLightfeet

    Sry but.... Rule is Rule.... So Ban that guys... or the server will NEVER become big, because always changing Rules or so...

    Fobiten is forbiten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then i must say, 2 people are botting on your Server...




    you can look on my stream yesterday, they are botting and are both from the Guild:


    i think more of them are botting, but this 2 are for SHURE botting, i saw them more as 1 time, and i hate it....

    When you guys want to bot....

    Go, and search a server where you CAN botting----


    ok, i must say....

    botting become legal, i'm out

    i can play on the same sh*t servers, where botting is allowed.

    Told me next 3 days please until Sunday, so i can delete this game again...

    sry, searching a NO BOT server, not a noob server again