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    Hello Roman Neumann  

    Probably you are busy at the moment and don' t have much time to spend on the server and this is ok but It gets really hard to play it.

    Can you bring back the regular (normal) drop so we can at least farm some alchemy tablets and increase the weekly silk in our accounts because it is not enough to buy PREM+ and Devil spirit.

    If you just give us these things I think the server will be good enough until you have some spare time to edit it.


    I see now that the server is online and we had a roolbacked to 28th.

    The problem is that we we had some items enhcanced and enchanted, can we get some sort of compensation for the lost items ?

    I spend a lot of time trying to make my weapon +7 and some of my gear to +5 and fix the blue stats. Now I am glad the server is back but everything is lost.

    Ok, I hope that everything works out fine and I wish you good luck. Please keep us updated on how the work is going. :)

    Hello Roman Neumann  

    Can you give us more information about the server problem?

    Are all of our characters and progress lost, how much time roughly would you need to get it back up?


    We begun actively hunting these Unique Monsters ( Anubis,Isis,Neith and Selket ), but the time of their spawn is not really convenient.

    Current time of spawn:

    Neith (Sanctum of Blue Eye) & Selket (Sanctum of Restriction) : 11:30 / 16:30 Server time
    Anubis (Sanctum of Punishment) & Isis (Sanctum of Atonement) : 13:30 / 19:30 Server time

    Can you move them a little later so we can catch them when we are coming home from work with 2 or 3 hours?

    Neith (Sanctum of Blue Eye) & Selket (Sanctum of Restriction) : 11:30 / 19:30 Server time
    Anubis (Sanctum of Punishment) & Isis (Sanctum of Atonement) : 13:30 / 22:30 Server time

    Hello Roman Neumann please . announce every restart of the server 1 hour or 30 minutes before the restart.

    We are trying to gather for FGW or Temple Uniques and you restart the server in the middle of the fight ...I even wrote you a global message and yet you ignored us.

    A couple of times you are restarting it while we are in a middle of an activity. :(


    I think also the spawn rate and the density of monsters matters. For example the monsters in front of Hotan are really scattered and their respawn rate is not that high. I don' t remember seeing a lot of Dimension pillars there. But in DW cave I got surrounded by Dimension Pillars in no time. Also in Qin-Shi Tomb and Alexandria.

    Talking about the Dimension Pillars, I think that having an NPC selling the portals instead of trying to find pillars might be good or not, don' t know. What do you think ?

    And also with the current drop rate of Collection Book Cars you may go 1000 times on FGW and still have no chance of completing the quest for SuN weapon.

    Magic and Attribute stones with 0% in the NGA Shop. Without the ability to stack them it will be much more easier to buy stones directly from the shop instead of tablets.

    And don' t forget to look at the Collection book Card drops (FGW).

    Hello Roman Neumann ,

    I want to ask if you have the quests until 80 or 90 CAP ready?

    If you do I would like to propose to officially release the server at a lower cap for a start and progress to the next cap in time, eventually reaching 110 cap.

    This way you will have time to work on the quests and we can start progressing in the server without the worry of deleting our characters ?

    Another reason I propose this is because people know that they will loose their current progress and don' t want to commit to the server.

    I am not an expert, I am just guessing here, but I think with the current version of the game we are using for server it is impossible to implement this Item Mall or it will require a great amount of work and I do not think it is worth it to waste so much resource on it.
    Another thing is that in the future we probably won' t even have the need of Item Mall because all the premium items (or most of them) will be acquired through questing or something like that. :/


    We have been playing for sometime already on low and high levels and we have noticed that some things may be changed to contribute for better and more pleasurable experience.
    First I want to start with the item and gold drop rates. We have discussed it many times but I want to suggest increasing it at least a little bit while we are still in alpha so we can feel if it will be better. It took us months to get some items 11 degree for our characters and the gold drop is not even enough to buy potions and other consumables. Increasing the trade rates would also help the gold problem, be cause doing trades now is not rewarding at all. The community is not big enough to have actual economy between players at this point and without it, it is really hard to progress.

    Forgotten World. This is one of my favourite activities that offers such a great reward at almost any level- a SuN or Nova Weapon. My suggestion is if you can increase the drop rate of talisman cards to 100% in Togui Village (35 - 70 Lv), Flame mountain (71-90 Lv), Shipwreck - The green abyss (91-100 Lv) and increase but not to 100% for Shipwreck - The Sea of Resentment (101-110 Lv.). Also reduce the cool down of the dungeon entrance from 4 hours to 3 hours. This way it will be way easier to get a SuN weapon through the leveling process.

    Magic PoP - Honestly the worst cash system ever existing in Silkroad online. If you make the drop from Forgotten World to 100% I hope that there will be no need for the Magic PoP and instead of people just wasting their silk coins in it, they will find it more enjoyable in playing forgotten world for their SuN weapo

    Arena coins - As there is not even close to enough population for the PvP Events I was hoping if you can implement a drop of arena coins from something. Mybe you can make the uniques in Holy Water Temple drop arena coins, so there will be more reasons for people to gather for this dungeon if they want to buy egyptian accessories.

    Magic and Attribute alchemy stones - gathering these alchemy stones with such drop rates and without the help of a BOT is impossible. So please add them in the special shop.

    Stacking items - some of the items like elixirs, stones, potions, arrows(bolts) are unable to stack or stacking in low amounts. Can you edit this so the stacks are bigger ?

    Old weapon glows - Please if you can bring back the old classic weapon glows and the classic interface skills bar.

      Increase the Silk in accounts - The server is completely free, the only thing we use the silk is for the Premium time, Devil spirit and pets. At this rate it is barely enough to buy Premium for every month, just make it more... MUCH MORE please.

    Last I want to say that 11 degree server is great, it has many features and activities without doing any big changes to the server. It just need some adjusting. It is balanced and it offers a way to gear up while doing dungeons with other players.

    P.S. Roman if you have any questions or don' t understand something about what I have written tell me so we can discuss it :)