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    One really really reallyyyy old video of the Official Russian Silkroad server that we used to play : D


    Yesterday (28/09) I saw Roman Neumann streaming on twitch configuring a new server but I couldn't watch the whole stream.

    Is there any information on a release date and what will be the server state (level cap, exp/sp rates etc.) ?

    I also see the download links are updated but there are no files yet :/

    I was thinking maybe rolling back the server to a previous stable state would fix the issue Roman Neumann ?
    Or is it a server provider issue ?
    I don't know.... and it is really annoying. It came out of nowhere and ruins the whole experience. :/


    There is still an issue with DC. I personally experience it when fighting monsters. Also when buying and selling trade goods.
    If anyone is still experiencing DC issues, please report them here. Also try to describe in a few word what were you doing when you got the DC.

    The issue is not only in FGW. A lot of characters get DC after killing ~10 monsters. Roman still can't figure out what causes this problem.

    So far my observations point at the issue being grab pets picking up gold and items. If I do not pick anything I do not get DC.

    Try this: Put your current grab pet in the storage, buy a new one ( white rabbit ) and do NOT use a 5-page scroll on it.


    Since a big part of the updates is done I wanted to post my last ( probably ) set of suggestions that aim to make the server more Play to Win and not Bot 24/7.

    - Make spawn of Tomb ghost monster for title quest 95 level ( since there is no Qin Shi tomb )

    - Reduce Quest requirements ( for example instead of killing 300 monsters -> kill 100 monsters )

    - Increase stacks of Pet potions ( recovery kits and abnormal state )
    - Make elixirs stack

    - Slight increase in gold trade rates.
    - Increase gold drop from Uniques.

    - Remove level limit for Gate of Ruler Roc ( Currently players over 102 lvl can’t enter )
    - reduce Roc’s HP a lot ( impossible to kill )

    - Add Arena coin as reward from FGW daily quests ( alternative PvE way to get arena coins ). This way people will have the chance to buy SoX accessories or elixirs from the Arena-coins NPC by doing PvE activities alone. Also increase the gold reward from FGW Quests.

    - Add timers in website for Fortress War, Special trades, Arena, CTF, Roc,

    - Slight increase in FGW Talisman cards drop rate
    - Reduce the cool down timer of FGW from 5h to 3h

    - Remove Immortal and Astral stones from Item mall and make them as reward from killing unique ( for example : FGW, Holy Water Temple, Job Temple, Roc )

    - Reduce the price of selling dropped items to the NPC

    I know this is a lot of work and would take tremendous amount of time. Please reply if this suggestions suit the way you see the server's future Roman Neumann, and if it is possible to be implemented.

    The reason botting won't be allowed in the future will be because AFK botters don't contribute positively to the server. However, in the (finished) game setup botting isn't needed either. Quests/levels will be there for people who want to do them, other players can be instantly max level to enjoy endgame stuff. Stones/elixirs will be buyable or drops in FGW or rewards or something. So you won't need bot to grind for gold/items/alchemy either. The game Roman is trying to make is NOT reliant on bots/grinding to get a strong char, but rather has the OPTION to grind/do quests if you like that stuff, and has more endgame Play2Win stuff for the other players.

    Therefore, in my opinion, the point isn't why we should be allowed to bot, but WHEN it shouldn't be allowed. I would argue that we should be allowed to bot until the server is at such a point where we don't need to bot. Right now, if we don't bot we can't get max cap ever.. but after he fixes the quests, updates the droprates/events we don't need to bot

    Exactly that' s why I don' t see the point in arguing about such a thing now. Just enjoy the project everyone ...... please don' t turn this into something ugly -_-

    After the server has all the features fixed the way you intend - focus on Quests, Trades, Dungeon activities as FGW, Holy water and Job temple I don' t think the bot will be required at all.

    Also giving the players the opportunity to have a max level character and gather to do the end game content will also give the players the choice and the freedom to play the way they like - leveling up a character or gather with friends for the end game gear. ( After all the "old" players also had this opportunity to have a high level character it is only fair for the new players to have it).

    Every player will have their own opinion and suggestion about the server but after all we are all aiming for an old school experience. Friendly community to do activities together and have fun not only 24/7 bot party.

    I am totally okay with boting. Even more, in order to reach end game content boting is a must.

    Unless you are 12 year old kid with not a care in the world and staying in the game like 12 hours a day it will take tremendous amount of time to reach that end game.
    It is a KOREAN MMO. It requires a lot of grinding (even with quest based server).

    I also think that if bot is allowed it would even bring more people to the server.
    I am not talking about hardcore bot 24/7, but being allowed to use bot to boost your progress would be nice.